The vision of the McGlothen Temple ministry is for people to come and find hope in Jesus Christ. The Love of God is shown in healthy and authentic relationships with fellow believers.

This body of believers hungers and thirsts for righteousness. We share confidence in God's promises to meet our spiritual needs.

We desire to know Jesus Christ through his resurrecting power. At times we share in His suffering to experience the benefits of His Kingdom in this life and the one to come.

McGlothen Temple Church will fulfill Christ's commission to make disciples.



Emulate Christ (Matthew 16:24)

Embrace People (John 13:34)

Enter the World (Acts 1:8)


We believe these values to be essential to the foundation of our church.

Word of God | Holiness | Prayer | Faithfulness |

Humility | Excellence | Community | Unity | 

Wise Stewardship | Servitude